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OK, so I have a confession to make:  I didn’t do my three miles yesterday. 

For the first time in weeks, I made the decision to skip the park and come home.  Today, I am realizing what an effect just skipping that one day can have.  I feel lethargic, run down, cranky, and restless.  My body knows what I did and isn’t happy about it. 

When I started my training I told myself that what separates the men from the boys, the fit from the not-so-fit, is that they still get out there and put the time in even when they really “don’t wanna”.  It’s what keeps me going out and doing my miles, even if I’m tired or just don’t feel like it.  Yesterday was the first day I gave in to the “I don’t wannas” and didn’t go, and I can feel the difference today.

Obviously, I am in a routine and have made a habit of getting in some kind of cardio six days a week.  That’s great news.

At least I still did some walking.  That, I can feel good about.

So, three miles today for sure.  I don’t want to feel like this again tomorrow.  Ick.

Today’s workout:

Walked 529 steps

3 miles @ park


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I have gotten off to a rather slow start today, but once I was able to get moving, I got 413 steps tucked under my belt.  Now I just need to get out and do my three miles in my chair.  I’m thinking it’s Red Bull time!

My walking is improving dramatically.  It won’t be long now before I’m walking those three miles instead of rolling them.

I found a picture of myself on my hard drive earlier today that I wanted to share with you:

I want to look like that again.  Ok, so there may be a few changes, like the fact that I’m older and have a few more wrinkles, but I want that body back and I plan to keep working for it.

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Starting Weight:  212
Current Weight: 197
Total Loss: 15 lbs.


  • Chest  – 44″  current:  42″
  • Waist – 36″ current:  35″
  • Hips – 44″  current:  42″
  • Thigh – 24″ current:  22″
  • Bicep – 15″  current:  15″
  • Calf – 14.5″ current:  14″
  • Neck – 15″  current:  14.75″
  • I have at least been able to keep the weight off, and keep the measurements down, and like someone commented, I am now addicted to exercise which is a higher achievement than losing a bunch of weight quickly and the wrong way.

    I am excited to continue on my journey, watching as the numbers continue to go down.

    I have learned a lot these past 18 weeks; most notably I’ve learned that habits, whether good or bad, take a while to form.  I am certainly happy I have formed good habits and am sticking with them.  Although it took me a little while to get in the groove, I truly believe I have and I will be successful in losing the weight and getting fit.  I am mostly concerned with the getting fit part.  I want to be healthy and radiant.

    Today’s workout:

    1 mile @ park

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    June 15 is fast approaching and I’m still plucking away at losing this pesky weight.  I’m not going to worry if I don’t reach my goal perfectly, although the perfectionist in me can’t help but be pissed.  It’s just something I must accept and work past.  I wanted to hit a particular mark, and realistically I may not, but I have lost weight, and I’m losing weight, and that was, and still is the ultimate goal.

    The biggest achievement through all of this is I have become addicted to working out.  My day doesn’t feel started, or complete, until I have beaten myself up and tucked a few miles under my belt.  I like that.  It’s nice to be back in good enough physical shape to need exercise every day to feel complete.

    It just started raining.  Hopefully this passes by 6pm or else I’ll be doing my first rain-soaked workout.  That actually might be kind of fun.

    So, tomorrow is weigh-in day and this time I will not skip it.  I will weigh in, post measurements, and possibly a photo or two.  Wish me luck.

    Today’s workout:

    3 miles @ park

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