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Starting Weight: 212
Current Weight: 189
Total Loss: -23 pounds

So far so good and I’m right on track to be 180 by the time I leave on my vacation which will be 24 days from now! Yay!


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Starting Weight:  212
Current Weight: 192
Total Loss: -20 pounds

Twenty pounds are good! I’m totally psyched about that. I want to try to lose at least 15 more before I leave, so I’ve done very good with the eating and exercising. Yesterday I did two miles at the park in my chair, and today I think I will try to walk as far as I can on the same trail. I need to get my endurance up even more for my trip since I will not have my chair. If I could walk the whole trail, that’s over 1/3 of a mile 🙂

It’s so damn hot here in Florida that the only time to do something like that is in the morning, and I am afraid that I’ve already lost the window for today. Maybe I’ll try it later in the evening when the sun is going down. I will have to see how it goes. I would have gotten out there earlier today, but I woke up with a horrible pounding headache.

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Starting weight:  212
Current weight: 194
Total Loss: -18 pounds

This week’s workouts:

Saturday: rest
Sunday: 2 miles @ park w/10 lbs
Monday: Walked 1,031 steps
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 2 miles @ park, Walked 270 steps
Thursday: 1.14 miles @ park, Walked 1,103 steps
Friday: 2 miles @ park, Walked 713 steps

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Starting Weight:  212
Current Weight: 197
Total Loss: 15 lbs.


  • Chest  – 44″  current:  42″
  • Waist – 36″ current:  35″
  • Hips – 44″  current:  42″
  • Thigh – 24″ current:  22″
  • Bicep – 15″  current:  15″
  • Calf – 14.5″ current:  14″
  • Neck – 15″  current:  14.75″
  • I have at least been able to keep the weight off, and keep the measurements down, and like someone commented, I am now addicted to exercise which is a higher achievement than losing a bunch of weight quickly and the wrong way.

    I am excited to continue on my journey, watching as the numbers continue to go down.

    I have learned a lot these past 18 weeks; most notably I’ve learned that habits, whether good or bad, take a while to form.  I am certainly happy I have formed good habits and am sticking with them.  Although it took me a little while to get in the groove, I truly believe I have and I will be successful in losing the weight and getting fit.  I am mostly concerned with the getting fit part.  I want to be healthy and radiant.

    Today’s workout:

    1 mile @ park

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    Starting Weight:  212
    Current Weight: 196
    Total Loss: -16 lbs.

    I guess I shed all of the water weight I had gained from being naughty, so that’s great news. Now I need to continue to not be naughty so that next week’s weigh-in will be an actual loss of fat, not just water weight.

    Spring being here is really going to help. I love gardening and it’s really great exercise.

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    Starting Weight:  212
    Current Weight: 205
    Total Loss: -7 lbs.

    So amping up the exercise is paying off. I also haven’t been “watching” what I eat so much as just keeping the portions right and keeping my calories down. This makes for a much happier me. Strict diets are not the way to go anyway. I’m not eating junk food, but I am allowing myself to eat what I want; sort of. I just pay closer attention to how good or bad something is for my body, then I keep the portions and calories in check. It’s a much easier method then trying to do these different diets that never work for the long-term, and they certainly do not make me happy.

    Moving around more is key of course, and I have definitely been doing a lot of that. It feels good all around, but it’s also helping with the weight loss as well.

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    Starting Weight:  212
    Current Weight: 208
    Total Loss: – 4 pounds

    50 days and 7 weeks in and I’ve lost a whole 4 pounds.  WTF.

    UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just seem to go up and down, up and down, like the same damn roller coaster I’ve been riding for the last 10 years!  This is really getting annoying to say the least.

    I eat great;  no junk, not going over around 1300 calories per day, and I’ve been drinking water by the gallon.   I guess I just haven’t been getting in enough exercise.  I don’t guess, I know.  I also know I’m really getting sick of this bullsh*t.  If it takes my getting blazing mad for something to change, then so be it.

    Time to develop an eating disorder… (j/k)

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