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This has been an especially hot topic over the past couple of years. Suddenly, it seemed there was a blitzkrieg of Vampire movies, books, and TV shows. Like everything, I guess it comes in waves, as vampires have always been popular with those who enjoy mythology.

But are vampires really a myth? I like to think not. Although, my idea of a vampire might be a bit different from everyone else’s. I believe we live among vampires every day. They are not the kind of vampires who only come out at night, can live forever, and literally suck our blood. No, my idea of a vampire is a real life human being; someone who is so needy and co-dependant that they literally “suck” the life out of others. Someone who is miserable, unhappy, negative and all around unpleasant. This, to me, is a vampire.

Like the mythological vampire, these real-life vamps leave you feeling drained of your essence. They take all of your energy and use it for their own gain, constantly needing more to sustain their lifestyle. These are the kind of people who are not likely to do for themselves, but wait for their next “victim” to carry the load for them. Draining their victims little by little until there is nothing left.

I have encountered several vampires throughout my lifetime. They aren’t always easy to spot, and often times are the people closest to you; those you would least suspect. This is what makes them particularly dangerous and good at their craft. They begin with those closest to them, taking advantage of the love that is given, manipulating your good nature and desire to help the ones you love, until they have drained every last bit of energy out of every last person who has fallen under their spell.

Like vampires of myth and lore, these people are empty, cold, and full of hatred for themselves and others. Generally unsocial, they only like to be around people they can use and are not apt to have many friends or real-life relationships. They do not interact well with others and only participate in relationships for their personal gain.  These people are life-suckers.  Never truly happy with anything they gain, they are always wanting more.  Always searching for that next big kill.  Leaving nothing but tortured bodies in their wake.

I am baffled at what turns a person into a vampire.  Perhaps it’s similar to the myth that you have to be bitten by one to become one, but if that were the case, then I would be one several times over.

Beware of these real-life vampires, they will drain you dry if you let them.


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