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Starting Weight: 212
Current Weight: 189
Total Loss: -23 pounds

So far so good and I’m right on track to be 180 by the time I leave on my vacation which will be 24 days from now! Yay!


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Starting Weight:  212
Current Weight: 192
Total Loss: -20 pounds

Twenty pounds are good! I’m totally psyched about that. I want to try to lose at least 15 more before I leave, so I’ve done very good with the eating and exercising. Yesterday I did two miles at the park in my chair, and today I think I will try to walk as far as I can on the same trail. I need to get my endurance up even more for my trip since I will not have my chair. If I could walk the whole trail, that’s over 1/3 of a mile 🙂

It’s so damn hot here in Florida that the only time to do something like that is in the morning, and I am afraid that I’ve already lost the window for today. Maybe I’ll try it later in the evening when the sun is going down. I will have to see how it goes. I would have gotten out there earlier today, but I woke up with a horrible pounding headache.

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I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m 195, again.  Had I not been so careless those times, I would probably be at least 185 now, but oh well.  It’s still a loss, and a loss I’ve kept off, which is all good.

I’m no longer worried about June 15, now my concern is focused on Aug. 15 — the dreaded thirty-fifth birthday!  Ahhhhhhhh!  I’m kidding.  Actually, I look forward to my birthday, each and every one of them.  I’ve kissed death square in the mouth, and anyone who has been down that road knows you cherish every day you’re alive.  Another birthday is another year I’ve lived and am still here to talk about it.   Hallelujah!

So, I am looking forward to seeing those numbers continue to go down.  I’ve got 10 weeks until the big day and I want to be much lighter than I am now.  The good news is; I’ve got the routine down to a science, I just need to stick with it!

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I am back on track once again, and after the long weekend am looking forward to getting back to work.  I did manage to still get exercise over the weekend, and I was very good about what I ate as well.

After finding more old pictures of myself when I was thin, and recently being required to dress up for a function, but had nothing to wear, I am even more determined to get this weight off of my body.  All it is doing is holding me back from having a much fuller life.

So, today I will be walking as much as I can and getting in my cardio later in the day.

Today’s workout:

Walked 325 steps

1 mile @ park

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Starting weight:  212
Current weight: 199
Total loss: 13 pounds

I have gained a few pounds, but I am not surprised. I took the past week off from cardio and the past few days off from walking. I just got too busy and haven’t felt like it. I needed the rest, anyway. I will make up for it, starting today.

This week’s workouts:

Saturday: 2 hrs. of yard work/ 275 steps
Sunday: 2 hrs. yard work/ 210 steps
Monday: 623 steps
Tuesday: 60 steps
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: TBA

As you can see I was a lazy bones this week. I had a visit from my father, and I got into the beer, and ate too much food. I am still recovering from just one night of drinking too much beer. Sadly, I can not drink alcohol.

I am sure that most of you have heard about Matt, the man who quit his job to go “walkabout” across the US from New York to Oregon, but just in case you’ve just come out from under your rock:


Most people only dream of doing something like what Matt is doing. I am one of them. I think his journey is amazing, and I only wish I had the ability to do the same. The sites he has seen, and the people he has encountered, are incredible. I’m just blown away by the whole thing. If I had the resources, I would travel to him and walk beside him as long as I could.

So, after staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading every post and looking at every picture Matt has posted along his journey so far, I am now filled with wanderlust. The best I can do to cure it is walk in my home and add to my step count, then maybe hit the park later for some much-needed cardio.

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June 15 is fast approaching, and although I am obviously not going to hit the 50-pound mark, I have made significant changes in my eating habits and activity level. I am addicted to exercise once again, and I am finding myself walking a lot more. Not only do I walk more each day, but my brain is catching up to the idea of actually wanting to walk versus automatically going for the wheelchair.

In the process of trying to lose weight, I have changed my entire life.  My daily structure has been modified to center not only around weight-loss, but good health.  I have become fit.  I can’t go a day without doing a physical activity that gets my heart pumping, and I pay very close attention to everything I eat and drink.  All in all, this weight-loss journey of mine has been a success, even if the numbers on the scale didn’t exactly get down where I wanted them to be.  The whole idea to losing weight should be to get healthy anyway, otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to gain it all back after the crash diet ends.

I am once again a health-nut.  After a solid two years of working my way back out of the rabbit hole, I have reached the top and have my feet planted firmly on solid ground.  That, in and of itself, is the greatest feeling in the world.  Knowing that I have come so far – that I have come from a life filled with constant pain and pity, and turned it all around to a life filled with happiness and good health – that’s genuine success.  Afterall, on a solid foundation, anything can be built.

I can see myself thin again.  I visualize it every day.  It’s the same feeling I had when I was younger and had just had a baby.  I didn’t worry about taking the weight off, I just knew I would.  I was active, and I ate right.  I was back to my pre-baby body within weeks of my daughter’s birth, because that was who I was.    If you allow yourself to be fat, you’ll stay fat.  If you visualize yourself at a certain weight, you will stay there.  The thin me is back, and she knows the weight will come off, it’s that simple.

I’m a firm believer in will power and our ability to do anything we set our minds to.  I had a little set back with my illness, and subsequent pity hell, but I knew I wouldn’t stay there forever, and I didn’t.  I made the decision to change, and I did.  It wasn’t easy, I had plenty of demons to fight, but I fought, and fought, and here I am, healthier, happier, and full of drive and determination once again. 

Even though sometimes life can mess with us in ways we never thought possible, we must NEVER GIVE UP!

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Today’s workout:

2 hours gardening (moderate activity)

1 hour washing vehicles (moderate activity)

Walked 210 steps

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